Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine are major diagnostic disciplines in clinical medicine with a profound background in pathobiochemical and methodical research. Due to continuously increasing knowledge in molecular and cellular pathogenesis of diseases and an enormous spectrum of molecular, cellular and biochemical methods and refinement of technical equipment and instrumental settings, both the number and quality of clinical-chemical parameters, methods, technical tools, and pre-analytical requirements are progressing rapidly. In order to use all the diagnostic options of modern Clinical Chemistry in the most efficient and economical fashion it is mandatory for the specialist, and, in particular for the clinician, to maintain an overview of this discipline, which is a major diagnostic component of our health care system.

Thus, the aim of this comprehensive lexicon is to provide detailed and easily accessible information on methods and assay technologies, on molecular, cellular, and biochemical parameters of diseases, biochemical function tests for organs and hormonal glands, drug monitoring and toxicology, and on important facts of general Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine such as pre-analytic variables, quality control and management, electronic data support, point-of-care-testing (POCT), statistics and biometric tests, rules and laws, and professional organizations. Even entries on important historical assays and parameters are included.

All of these items are described concisely following a systematic structure covering both analytical and medical aspects. They are complemented by schematic presentations and tables and by a reference for suggested further reading. The wide range of entries in the Lexicon of Clinical Chemistry are written by leading experts in the field.

The rapid orientation through a wide range of entries will be very useful for all specialists and non-specialists involved or interested in medical diagnostics such as clinicians of almost all medical disciplines, biologists, geneticists, biochemists, and pharmacists. Students of various biomedical disciplines and medical technical assistants will draw a benefit from the important and relevant information compiled in this companion.

The Lexicon of Clinical Chemistry will be readily accessible, both electronically and in print, providing the invaluable advantage bearing in mind the rapid developments in this discipline of being up-to-date.

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